Stand with Ukraine

Russian troops attacked Zaporizhzhia NPP – the biggest European NPP

People of Ukraine! We survived the night that might have stopped the history: the history of Ukraine – history of Europe – Russian troops attacked Zaporizhzhia NPP – the biggest European NPP. Zaporizhzhia NPP was 6 times bigger as Chornobyl NPP! Russian troops were well aware of the target they attacked – this is obviously a violent terrorist act! There are 15 reactors in Ukraine. Russian soldiers have suddenly forgotten about Chernobyl disaster that turned out to become a world-wide tragedy. Russians, I want to address to you, how is that even possible? In 1986, we have been fighting the consequences of Chernobyl disaster together! You should remember bulks of hot graphite scattered by the explosion, victims, glow over the destroyed nuclear unit, evacuation from Prypyat and 30km zone. How is that possible to forget that? In case you haven’t forgotten, you can’t remain silent anymore! You have to talk to you government – you have to go outside, crowd the streets and say that you want to live on the earth free from radioactive contamination. Radiation is not aware where Russia is located. Radiation doesn’t even know where the boundaries of your country are.
Throughout the night I have been staying in touch with state leaders, it can be felt that they are shocked: Great Britain convenes the UN Security Council, International Atomic Energy Agency launches the Incident and Emergency Center on a 24/7 basis.

We immediately need to strengthen the sanctions against the Nuclear Terrorist state! We immediately need to shelter Ukrainian sky! This is the only possible guarantee that Russia will not attack nuclear units from above. I am grateful to all of our National Guard heroes, who have been attempting to stop the enemy; I am thankful to our rescuers who extinguished the fire. Ukrainians, Enerhodar Residents, there is still so much depending on you because you understand the vulnerability of NPP in the best possible way – you live next to it, you see the enemies – banish them, show them that Ukraine is not a place for nuclear ash.

Ukrainians, the enemy has brought majority of its troops on our territory – almost entire Russian army stands against us, but our heroic resistance saves our country from invasion. Ukrainian cities haven’t seen such inhuman cruelty since Nazi’s occupation: Chernigiv, Okhtyrka, Kharkiv again, Mariupol – they purposefully destroy infrastructure, civilians, residential areas. Chernihiv – Yesterday (for ONLY this one day) Russian bombs killed 47 civilians. Kharkiv – Russia is destroying the city by jet artillery and air strikes. Russia purposefully destroys Kharkiv. How could that happen? Zhytomyr – in the morning today the rocket stroke the school facility – the rocket stroke kids – this is the reality when brotherly Russia comes.

Yesterday, during the negotiation in Belarus, we managed to align on creating humanitarian corridors to places where civilians suffer the most. Today, we will see if the achieved agreement works in reality. Our Defense Forces inflict maximal enemy losses – almost 9.200 occupants were eliminated as of the morning of the ninth day of the war. We fight them near Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv. Our Capital – is the key target for occupants, but they will not break neither us nor our state. They will never break us, whatever they do, they will lose because we are at home on our land. They are constantly setting up the provocations – today in Kherson they are preparing performance – crowd of people standing as if for Russia – for this purpose, they brought strangers to Kherson, look for local traitors, want to create a media picture – as if Kherson doesn’t belong to Ukraine anymore. Just a reminder, exactly from the same actions they started creating DNR and LNR and you are all well aware of what has happened to them later on – this has to be stopped! Kherson residents, I’m addressing you, show them it is your city. You can stop everything – whatever plan occupants have – do not listen to anybody, only your kids and you heart: you are Ukrainians. I appeal to Kherson Residents – get rid of any despair – Ukraine will not give what belongs to us. We fight against powerful enemy that is more numerous than we are, more equipped than we are; but our enemy is far behind us, us – people with dignity – show it: our national Anthem, our national Flag, our national Spirit – let the occupants know that in Kherson they are only temporarily and will never be able to govern your city, Kherson, and that is applicable to every Ukrainian city, to every city of our State. Glory to Ukraine!